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PDA Analysis: Discover the True Value of Your Team


What is PDA Assessment?

Personal Development Analysis (PDA) is an assessment that allows us to describe and analyze behavior profiles of individuals through a simple, precise, and scientifically validated method. It also enables us to evaluate the behavior requirements and competencies for specific positions, ensuring that we select the right people for the right positions.

Who is it intended for?


Benefits of PDA Assessment

The goal of PDA Assessment

Our goal is to ensure that companies and individuals achieve their maximum potential through strategic analysis and development, enabling precise alignment of talents and competencies with business needs and goals.

At the price of one report, you receive seven:

1. Personal PDA Report
2. Personal Competency Report
3. Personal Position Fit Report
4. Group Competency Report
5. Group Position Fit Report
6. Group Trend Report
7. Leadership and Collaborator Fit Report


Step into the Future with PDA

Our PDA assessment is more than just an evaluation tool; it’s a bridge to understanding and success in a dynamic business environment. Through detailed analysis and customized reports, PDA provides the key to unlocking hidden talents and ensuring that the right people take on the right roles.

We invite you to harness the power of PDA assessment and transform your approach to human resource management. Contact us for a deeper understanding of how PDA can enhance your organization and individual careers.